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Given names Surname GIVN SURN Sosa SOSA Birth SORT_BIRT Place NCHI Death SORT_DEAT Age AGE Place Last change CHAN SEX BIRT DEAT TREE
Adriaan van Boxel
AdriaanAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAdriaan 08 March 17992378198221Rijen2212 June 187524060521457627854Dussen  MYESYES 
Adriaantje Leenders van Boxel
Adriaantje LeendersAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAdriaantje Leenders 0 2329372 99yes2358591  -1  FYESYESR
Adriana van Boxel
AdrianaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAdriana 029 September 19062417483113Dussen00yes2446614  -1  FYESYES 
Adrianus van Boxel
AdrianusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAdrianus 010 March 19162420933104Dussen00yes2450266  -1  MYESYES 
Adrianus Lambertus "Adriaan" van Boxel
Adrianus LambertusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAdrianus Lambertus 017 November 18982414611121Raamsdonk5514 June 19662439291546724680Raamsdonksveer  MYESY100 
Anna van Boxel
AnnaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAnna 010 February 19142420174106Dussen00yes2449536  -1  FYESYES 
Anna Maria Cornelia "Annie" van Boxel
Anna Maria CorneliaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAnna Maria Cornelia 026 December 1936242852983Raamsdonk007 January 20062453743146925214Breda  FY100Y100 
Antonia Adriana van Boxel
Antonia AdrianaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAntonia Adriana 026 July 1937242874182Raamsdonk004 September 1937242878182040Raamsdonk  FY100Y100 
Antonia Johanna van Boxel
Antonia JohannaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAAntonia Johanna 027 April 1939242938181Raamsdonk00yes2458667  -1  FY100YES 
Clara Maria van Boxel
Clara MariaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAClara Maria 017 July 1922242325397Raamsdonk00yes2452458  -1  FY100YES 
Coenraad van Boxel
CoenraadAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACoenraad 0 2362974 11yes2392193  -1  MYESYESR
Cornelia van Boxel
CorneliaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACornelia 02 October 18382392650181Dussen1125 December 188024080751394215425Dussen  FYESYES 
Cornelia van Boxel
CorneliaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACornelia 011 November 18962413875123Raamsdonk0016 September 19592436828606222953Breda  FYESY100 
Cornelia Maria van Boxel
Cornelia MariaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACornelia Maria 011 November 18962413875123Raamsdonk00yes2442961  -1  FYESYES 
Cornelia Petronella van Boxel
Cornelia PetronellaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACornelia Petronella 014 October 1929242589990Raamsdonk00yes2455015  -1  FY100YES 
Cornelis van Boxel
CornelisAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACornelis 026 May 18192385581201Dongen1116 July 188924112001307025619Dongen  MYESYES 
Cornelis Johannes "Kees" van Boxel
Cornelis JohannesAAAABoxelBoxelAAAACornelis Johannes 04 August 1934242765485Raamsdonk007 April 20002451642206523988Geertruidenberg  MY100Y100 
Elisabeth Cornelia van Boxel
Elisabeth CorneliaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAElisabeth Cornelia 031 August 1932242695187Raamsdonk00yes2456110  -1  FY100YES 
Geerdina Adriana van Boxel
Geerdina AdrianaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAGeerdina Adriana 014 March 18942412902126Raamsdonk001 May 19712441073497728171Waspik  FYESY100 
Geertruij van Boxel
GeertruijAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAGeertruij 031 July 17972377613222's-Gravenmoer2226 November 185824000101616122397's-Gravenmoer  FYESYES 
Goverdina van Boxel
GoverdinaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAGoverdina 018 January 1921242270899Raamsdonk00yes2452093  -1  FY100YES 
Goverdina Wilhelmina van Boxel
Goverdina WilhelminaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAGoverdina Wilhelmina 08 November 1931242665488Raamsdonk00yes2455745  -1  FY100YES 
Jacobus van Boxel
JacobusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJacobus 018 March 19182421671102Raamsdonk006 December 19912448597287326926Geertruidenberg  MYESY100 
Joanna van Boxel
JoannaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJoanna 0 2385618 11yes2414838  -1  FYESYESR
Johanna van Boxel
JohannaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohanna 04 May 18412393595179Dussen1115 December 19232423769968230174Dussen  FYESY100 
Johanna van Boxel
JohannaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohanna 01 August 19082418155111Dussen00yes2447344  -1  FYESYES 
Johanna Cornelia van Boxel
Johanna CorneliaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohanna Cornelia 024 June 19002415195120Raamsdonk00yes2444422  -1  FYESYES 
Johannes van Boxel
JohannesAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannes 023 September 18552398850164Klein-Dongen5528 December 19222423417976724567Raamsdonk  MYESY100 
Johannes van Boxel
JohannesAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannes 013 February 18752405933145Dussen0028 September 19302426248895520315Dussen  MYESY100R
Johannes Adrianus "Jan" van Boxel
Johannes AdrianusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannes Adrianus 028 August 1930242621789Raamsdonk002 March 19932449049276222832Breda  MY100Y100 
Johannes BAbtist van Boxel
Johannes BAbtistAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannes BAbtist 021 November 1930242630289Raamsdonk00yes2455380  -1  MY100YES 
Johannes Jacobus "Jan" van Boxel
Johannes JacobusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannes Jacobus 08 October 19042416762115Dussen1313yes2445883  -1  MYESYES 
Johannes Jacobus van Boxel
Johannes JacobusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannes Jacobus 0 2427621 Raamsdonk0014 July 1946243201673 -1Breda  MY100Y100 
Johannis Jacobus van Boxel
Johannis JacobusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannis Jacobus 0 2392558 11yes2421777  -1  MYESYESR
Johannis Janse van Boxel
Johannis JanseAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAJohannis Janse 0 2363704 11yes2392923  -1  MYESYESR
Maria van Boxel
MariaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAMaria 012 August 1938242912381Raamsdonk22yes2458302  -1  FY100YES 
Maria van Boxel
MariaAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAMaria 0 2365165 11yes2394384  -1  FYESYESR
Nicolaas Hubertus van Boxel
Nicolaas HubertusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAANicolaas Hubertus 029 December 18772406983142Dussen99yes2436022  -1  MYESYES 
Nicolaas Hubertus van Boxel
Nicolaas HubertusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAANicolaas Hubertus 015 July 1928242544391Raamsdonk00yes2454649  -1  MY100YES 
Petrus Johannes van Boxel
Petrus JohannesAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAPetrus Johannes 018 April 1935242791185Raamsdonk00yes2457206  -1  MY100YES 
Pieter van Boxel
PieterAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAPieter 0 2371009 11yes2400228  -1  MYESYESR
Theodorus Petrus "Theo" van Boxel
Theodorus PetrusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAATheodorus Petrus 04 May 1940242975480Raamsdonk00yes2459032  -1  MY100YES 
Waltherus Adrianus van Boxel
Waltherus AdrianusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAWaltherus Adrianus 030 December 1932242707287Raamsdonk00yes2456110  -1  MY100YES 
Wilhelmus Jacobus "Willeke" van Boxel
Wilhelmus JacobusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAWilhelmus Jacobus 014 July 1936242836483Raamsdonk00yes2457571  -1  MY100YES 
Wouterus van Boxel
WouterusAAAABoxelBoxelAAAAWouterus 01 February 19022415782118Capelle00yes2445153  -1  MYESYES